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Ajax Engineering Launches Enterprise-Grade AI Chatbot Concrete GPT for Industry-Focused Knowledge Sharing

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Ajax Engineering, a concreting solution provider, launched its artificial intelligence (AI) platform Concrete GPT on Tuesday. The AI chatbot is aimed at professionals in the concrete industry and serves as a knowledge-sharing space to share innovation, market insights, and regulatory updates. The company claims that more than a million specialists in India will benefit from this AI tool. The AI platform can be accessed even without signing up. However, accessing Concrete GPT with Ajax ID will unlock additional privileges for users.

Concrete GPT launched by Ajax Engineering

In a press release, Ajax Engineering stated that the AI platform is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 large language model and Perplexity AI’s engine. The platform is designed in a typical chatbot style where users can enter their queries and prompts via text, voice, or through WhatsApp chat. The chatbot supports text and audio interactions in several languages including English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, and Kannada. The company said the platform was developed with multiple Indian regional language support to ensure the benefits can reach even those who do not speak or write English.

Despite being powered by the Perplexity engine, Concrete GPT cannot access the Internet. Its knowledge cut-off runs to March 2024. It has been trained on global construction standards and the latest trends in the concrete and construction industry.

Highlighting some of the use cases of the chatbot, the company stated it can be used to gain technical support, practical maintenance tips to optimise machinery performance, and compliance with safety guidelines. The chatbot also offers information from diverse research materials to assist experts and veterans of the industry as well.

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Concrete GPT platform appears similar to ChatGPT, however, it has a unique design. The website directly opens the chatbot with the text field at the bottom and the chat window occupying a large space in the middle. On the left margin, there are several Ajax-related prompts that a user can tap on to know more about the company. On the bottom-left side, a WhatsApp icon opens a QR code that can be scanned to talk to the chatbot directly in the instant messaging app.

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