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Samsung Unveils Updated BioActive Sensor With ‘AGEs Index’ Health Indicator Expected to Debut on Galaxy Watch 7 Series

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Samsung Galaxy Unpacked is set to take place on Wednesday, and the next generation of the company’s Galaxy Watch series is expected to be unveiled during the event. With less than a day to go before Samsung launches new wearable products, it has offered users a sneak peek at its next-generation BioActive sensor that is expected to be available on the Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra. The updated sensor is claimed to enable advanced predictive and preventative wellness features and provide accurate health measurements. Samsung also says that it has added more LEDs and photodiodes to the sensor.

In a blog post, Samsung has shared details of the next-generation BioActive sensor that will come in the next Galaxy Watch series. The new sensor has a fresh design and Samsung says that it has optimised sensor placements to provide accurate readings. It is equipped with blue, yellow, violet and ultraviolet LEDs alongside the standard green and red LEDs.

Samsung states that the new LEDs improve the accuracy of the updated BioActive sensor while measuring health metrics such as heart rate, sleep quality, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and stress levels. The company claims that the measurement of heart rate during intensive workouts is 30 percent more accurate than the sensor on its current smartwatches.

One of the new functions that the BioActive sensor will enable will be the “advanced glycation end products (AGEs) index.” Samsung describes AGEs index as an indicator of metabolic health and biological aging strongly influenced by overall lifestyle and dietary habits. This index provides a look at the biological age of the wearer to help them make decisions about their wellness journey and work towards a healthier future.

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Samsung’s post indicates that the AGEs Index could be rolled out after the launch of new wearables at the Galaxy Unpacked event that will take place on July 10.


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